At CD Duplication 4 Less, we hold your copyright interests in high value. We want to make sure that the copyrights of our customers and the copyrights of other musicians and song writers are protected.

We strive to prevent copyright infringement and the unauthorized reproduction of copyrighted materials. We observe IRMA and RIAA anti-piracy and good business practices.

In this endeavor, we have created two separate questionnaires to help keep you within copyright guidelines. Select the button that best describes your CD project.

This questionnaire is only a guideline provided by CD Duplication 4 Less for an introduction to copyright protection and anti-piracy awareness and is in no way intended to represent legal counsel. We recommend you contact the appropriate agencies that govern copyright and anti-piracy law for your particular genre and/or contact an attorney who specializes in copyright law with any questions or concerns on your copyright needs.

To help prevent copyright piracy, CD Duplication 4 Less will:

  • Conduct routine review of all orders to determine legitimacy,
  • Consult the RIAA, as necessary, concerning sound recording ownership,
  • Refer all acts of infringement and related documents to appropriate law enforcement authorities, RIAA or other agencies,
  • Confiscate and hold and/or destroy all product (determined by us to be infringing), including the original master recording manufactured.

Copyright and piracy are illegal, unethical and simply the wrong thing to do.



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