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Ready to duplicate your CDs in house?

If the time has come where your CD/DVD duplication needs have outgrown "burning" one disc at a time, then you will benefit from a desktop CD duplicator or DVD duplicator.

To meet your duplication needs, we offer the finest stand-alone tower CD duplicators or DVD duplicators with multiple drive configurations. For higher output requirements, we offer the latest in automated CD/DVD duplicator systems complete with built-in printing capabilities. Our on-disc CD/DVD printers can print your artwork and titles directly on the disc surface.


Tower CD Duplicators

Tower CD Duplicators

Tower duplicators are well suited for small production needs. CD duplicator towers are stand-alone machines that are quick & easy to setup and use. Available with 2 to 16 drives and up to 40x speeds and CD or DVD drive options


Automated CD/DVD Duplicator Systems

Automated duplicators allow for unattended use and inline automated printing. Available with 2 to 4 drives as stand alone systems or PC connected operation. Systems can be configured with CD or DVD drives.

Automated CD Duplictor Systems


CD Printers

CD Printers

A CD Printer provides on-disc printing of your titles and artwork. No more fussing with the time and hassle of label applicators. We offer both single disc printers as well as robotic arm printers that can print as many as 100 CDs or DVDs automatically.

When your ready to duplicate CDs or DVDs in-house, let CD Duplication 4 Less assist you in choosing the right CD duplicator for your needs.



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