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CD Duplication or CD Replication
What Do You Need?

When it comes to CD manufacturing, there are two choices in the type of production available; CD replication or CD-R duplication.

Please take a moment to review this information if you are not sure what type of CD manufacturing you need.

CD Duplication Duplication Discs

Ideal for Low Volume and/or Quick Turn requirements. 
Know as CD-R or CD Recordable disc duplication, CD duplication is the process of duplicating data onto an existing pre-made disc.  This disc is known as a CD-R, short for Compact Recordable Disc.

CD duplication is very similar to duplicating an audiocassette or videocassette.  In all cases your are duplicating data onto existing media.  Existing media is the key.  Unlike CD replication, you begin this process with a pre-made CD-R disc that is capable of receiving recorded data.


  • Quick Lead-Time!
    Without the need of longer machine setup times or Glass Mastering delays, CD duplication is ideal for your quick lead time or short run requirements. 
  • Lower Costs!
    With no Glass Mastering, the costs for smaller quantity runs can often be more affordable than with small run Replication costs. Through our high-tech print machinery, quality 4-color process printing is available on your CD and Jewel Case inlay cards.  As the printing is done straight from your electronic files, there are no film costs to worry about.

You can outsource your CD duplication to CD Duplication 4 Less or we can supply you with a CD duplicator so that you can burn your own CDs in-house.

CD Replication Replication Discs

Ideal for higher volume requirements. 
CD Replication is the manufacturing process that essentially replicates or "clones" your original master. A Glass Master is created from your original master. From the Glass Master a set of "stampers" are made. The stampers or molds are the blueprint for the replication process. Stampers are mounted into a High Tech injection mold machine. In the molding process, a replica of the mold is created in the form of a 4.75 (120 mm) plastic disc.

The formed disc is then coated with a micro-thin reflective layer of aluminum. The final stage of the replication process involves the application of a protective lacquer that is spun onto the disc and then hardened by ultraviolet (UV) light. The replication process is now complete. All processes are performed inline to ensure quality, accuracy and speed from start to finish.

The completed disc is now ready for printing.


  • Quality & Accuracy
    Fully integrated computers perform inline inspections for full conformance with your original master. This ensures that the 1000th, 10,000th or 1,000,000th disc will be an exact replica of your original.
  • Speed
    Leading Technology machines developed for CD Replication are wonders in themselves. They perform at near perfect reliability at very high rates of production. This speed with accuracy allows for great costing.
  • Machinery
    Multi-station silk-screen printing presses perform accurate printing on the surface of your disc, also at high rates of speed with high accuracy.
  • Automation
    Along with automated replication, assembly is done using Automated High speed Jewel Case assembly/overwrap systems or Autosleevers.


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