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In-house CD Replication

If you need an in-house CD duplicator system, click here for information on our complete line of CD duplicators and accessories.

CD Replication

For higher-volume needs, CD replication is the most efficient process.

It is more cost effective to "replicate" your higher quantity CDs than to try and burn them in-house. Your costs on CD-R media and printer ink will be higher than the manufacturing costs of CD replication.

CD replication is the molding of CDs from raw materials on fully automated molding lines. The high-speed ability of the machinery combined with the integrated computer QC systems assures high-volume CD manufacturing with perfect quality. Major record labels and major software titles are made through the CD replication process. For medium sized orders to the largest volume production, there is no better alternative than CD replication.

Your CD's will be replicated in Sony/Phillips licensed, IRMA copyright compliant facilities under RIAA anti-piracy guidelines. We utilize the leading technologies in CD manufacturing: Nimbus, Toolex-Alpha, and Leybold molding systems. For on-disc printing we utilize 5 and 6-color silk-screen presses and state-of-the-art Full Offset printing systems. Your CDs will never look or sound better when they are made by CD Duplication 4 Less.



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