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Ready to duplicate your CDs in house but not sure where to start? Here is a list of some common questions and answers to help guide you through the duplicator equipment process.

Tower Duplicator or Automated?
Tower duplicators are best used when you have the manpower (time) available to continually load and reload each drive as each disc is duplicated. Towers can perform faster per hour than an automated unit that must include the robotic time in the final throughput. They are stand-alone and do not require a host PC connection. Simply load the tower and push a button.

Tower duplicators are less expensive to purchase over most automated systems.

Automated duplicators allow for unattended duplication. Once a system is loaded (with up to 600 discs) the machine can be left alone to duplicate while you are busy doing other tasks or left to run overnight, etc.

Most of our automated duplication systems also have optional print capabilities. This can further increase your productivity by allowing for full duplication and printing in one programmed operation.

Automated equipment can cost more initially, but without the dedicated manpower, the bottom-line costs are often lower in the long run.

Inkjet Printer or Thermal Transfer Printer?
Inkjet printers provide vibrant color and picture reproduction. Great for graphic intensive images. The initial cost of inkjet printers is very affordable. The downside to inkjet printed discs is that the printing is not waterproof nor smudgeproof. A finger can remove, smudge or finger print the printing. If water should happen to come in contact with a printed disc, the printing would be ruined. Inkjet is great for graphics and color, questionable on archiving your disc image.

Due to the usually intense graphic nature of most inkjet printed discs, you can expect printing to take approx. 40 - 50 seconds per disc at a cost as much as $0.45 each.

Thermal Transfer printers provide clean monocolor printing quickly and with crisp print results. Thermal printed discs are smudgeproof and waterproof making them the only choice for archived printing. Full color printing is available with some thermal printers, but is not recommended for graphic intensive images. Thermal printing is quicker (5 to 15 seconds) than Inkjet and with costs as low as $0.05 each is much less per disc to print than inkjet.

Inkjet printers are less to purchase initially, but more costly to operate. They provide superior graphics but the disc printing is not waterproof. The average disc can take up to 45 seconds to print.

Thermal Transfer printers cost more to purchase initially, but are far less expensive to operate. They provide quality monocolor or 2-color printing, but do not handle full color graphics as well as inkjet. The average disc will take 10 seconds to print.

Is operating a disc duplicator difficult?
Operating a disc duplicator can be easier than burning a CD on your desktop computer.

Tower duplicators require no PC connection and can duplicate at the push of a button.

Automated systems are available as stand-alone (no PC connection required), while other systems require a PC connection (a dedicated PC is best). With the help for intuitive software and drives, the duplication and printing process on these systems is much the same as burning a disc on your PC CD burner.

How do I get started?
When your ready to duplicate in house, contact us at 800-746-9868 or Email us at You will be put in contact with a product specialist who will work with you to determine the best equipment for your specific needs. We won't try to sell you a high-end automated system if what you really need is a simple tower. Our in-depth questioning process will assure you the best experience and final results you deserve.



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