UPC Bar Codes



Do you plan to sell your program at a retail store? If so, you will need a UPC bar code on your packaging. Most retail stores use scanning devices that read bar codes and they may not carry your product if you do not have one.

Free Bar Codes


You could get your own bar code from the Uniform Code Council at a starting cost of $750.00, or you can turn to us. CD Duplication 4 Less offers a FREE of charge unique UPC bar code number for any title we manufacture for you.

If your project requires a bar code, simply let us know when you are ready to order. We will either provide you with your unique UPC number so you can have your artist include the bar code image in your art,

or you can send us your art files and we will place the bar code into your predefined position in your art at no additional cost!

Free Bar Codes - Just one more reason why CD Duplication 4 Less is more than a great price.




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