CD-ROM Copyright Questionnaire

1. Is all the content on your CD "all original" material?
That is, did you or your company originally create this content?

Download our Customer's Copyright Certification. Complete this form and include it with your master. If you have an official copyright registration from the US Copyright Office, please also include a copy of your registration along with your master.


Do you want to protect your copyright? For a small fee, you can register your material at the US Copyright Office - Library of Congress. This may be the only way you can prove your copyright ownership in court should someone else record or distribute your material without your permission.

2. Did you incorporate any music, songs or sounds into your content?
This is often true in multimedia presentations. However this can be any use of music, songs or sound in your content. This can include background music, wav files, MP3 files and sound effects, etc. (i.e. Microsoft holds the copyright to much of the wav files that play when you install and use an MS product. Microsoft copyrights both their software programs and their sound files.)

If you have used ANY music, songs or sound, do you have the license rights to use said material on your CD?

You must have permission from the original copyright owner. They will issue you a Master Use License and a Mechanical License that you must submit with your master along with our completed and signed Customer's Copyright Certification.

3. Are there any 3rd party executable (.exe) software files on your CD or in your content?

Any third-party software applications you include on your CD (Adobe Acrobat, Apple QuickTime, Netscape Navigator, MS Internet Explorer, Etc.) are the intellectual property of the person(s) and/or organizations that originally developed them.

It is illegal to reproduce and/or distribute third-party software applications without a distribution license from the property owner. Many Freeware or Shareware programs require a user distribution license from the property rights owner if you want to include them on your CD. Also, many software companies will require you to included their logo on your CD artwork if you plan on including their application on your CD.

You must obtain a distribution license from the original property rights owner of any 3rd party software on your CD. Include that documentation with your master along with our completed and signed Customer's Copyright Certification.


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