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General Questions

Who is CD Duplication 4 Less?

What is the difference between CD Duplication and CD Replication?

What do I need to know about anti-piracy and copyrights?

How do I get a quote on my CD project?

Can you make a 3" mini-CD or CD Business Card?


Questions About the Ordering Process

What is the minimum order I can place?

How do I pay for my order?

How will you ship my CDs to me?

Will you charge me state sales tax on my CDs?


Artwork Questions

How do I prepare my artwork?

Can you design my artwork cover?

What computer program can I use to prepare my artwork?

What type of art files do you need? Where can I download templates?

Can I email my artwork to you or can I upload via FTP?

Can I supply my own artwork on film?

What is Process printing?

What are Pantone (PMS) colors?

What is a White "donut"?


Master and Mastering Questions

How do I prepare my master?

What type of master do I need?

Will I loose any sound quality from my original master recording?

Will there be any data loss from my master?

Can you edit my master or help "clean-up" my original recording?





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