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The cd packaging you choose can help promote your project's success. Knowing the answers to key questions will help develop a packaging scheme that can make your CDs shine. How will you distribute your CDs? Retail, Direct Mail or Trade Show handout? Each area requires its own unique style of packaging and graphics. You want the right choice for your situation.


At CD Duplication 4 Less, we work with you on producing the best option for your project. From a simple Jewel Case or 4-color Mailer Sleeve to an elaborate Vinyl Album, Software Chipboard Display Box or our all-new "Multi-Pak" used to economically hold up to 12 CD's, your cd packaging choices are endless.

Our services don't stop there. We also provide quality offset printing for all of your manuals, Jewel Case inserts and booklets. Once your duplication, printing and CD packaging are complete, we will then assemble your program at one of our state-of-the-art assembly facilities.

For whatever type of program, requirement or question, at CD Duplication 4 Less we have the answers, know-how and experience to work with you and create the look that delivers. Find out why CD Duplication 4 Less is more than a great price.



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