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Automated CD Duplicator  

Don't have the time or manpower to stand around loading and unloading CD drive bays?

Try an Automated CD Duplicator!

Automation made simple:
Load your system with blank discs (as many as 600 discs), prep the system and then start the duplication process, and stand back or walk away.
The automated system will burn and (optionally) print your discs automatically without any further operator involvement.

MF Digital
Stand-Alone Duplication Series

No PC required for duplication. Top quality equipment for years of reliable stand-alone duplication.
TELEX SpinWise
Duplication Series

No PC required for duplication. Great entry-level equipment for reliable stand-alone duplication at an affordable price.
SCRIBE by MF Digital
Professional PC-Connected Series

PC required for duplication and optional on-disc Inkjet or Thermal printing. MF Digital's "Best of Class" automated CD duplicator systems.
Primera Brand
PC-Connected Series

PC required for duplication and optional on-disc printing. Budget priced for entry-level to medium-duty CD Duplicator systems.

DIRECTOR by MF Digital
Network Publishing Series

For Disc-on-Demand duplication and disc publishing from anywhere on your LAN. Built in duplication and printing.


We carry only the finest names in
automated CD duplicators available.

When it comes to reliability and quality, there is none better then MF Digital. Utilized by most commercial duplicators and considered to be the very "best" duplicators available today, these well made machines have more to offer than any other manufacture:

  • SmartDrive(TM) Technology
  • Copy Protection on CD-ROM
  • Unique Watermark on Every Duplicated CD
  • Audio Verification & Click Detection
  • "True" Internal Hard Drive performance
  • Quality Robotic Components and Mechanics
  • "True" Asynchronous Duplication
  • Relay Mode and Batch Mode Duplication & Printing of Multiple Masters

No other brand even comes close to matching MediaFORM.

As a Factory Direct reseller of MF Digital CD duplicators, we can offer you more choices, factory direct support and a reputation that can't be beat.



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