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Welcome to CD Duplication 4 Less!

Quality CD Duplication & CD Replication

CD Duplication 4 Less® is the best source for quality audio CD replication for the music industry and CD-ROM replication for the software and marketing industries. We take pride in offering the most competitive price for your CD replication needs.

Business & Music CD Duplication
CD Replication

Looking for more than just a great price?

We won't just take your CD replication order and forget about you. Right from the start, you'll know you have a partner you can count on providing the highest level of service and quality. Someone that will work with you from start to finish, and every step in between. After all, what good is a great price on CD duplication without the service and know-how to back it up?

Looking for quality CD replication guaranteed?

Our QC standards exceed every industry guideline and are 100% guaranteed! The crucial value of quality assurance has never been as important as it is in today's CD & DVD manufacturing. We know this and we make sure your CD replication is manufactured with the highest quality and care.

Looking for creative or custom CD packaging & DVD packaging?

Do you need creative packaging for your project? Visit our business & marketing CD packaging section or our music CD packaging section for a complete selection of standard and custom CD packaging and DVD packaging options.

Looking for one source?

CD replication, CD packaging, CD duplicator and DVD duplicator equipment & supplies all from one supplier. With over 100 Million duplications under our belt, you can be assured that your CDs will be the very best, for less.

Contact us today and find out why CD Duplication 4 Less is more than a great price.




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